Campus Consortium offers Grant Programs for a variety of solutions, products and services. Campus Consortium Grants are funded by Campus Consortium and its Technology Partners. These Grants are designed to give Institutions with a smaller IT budget a chance to implement new technology services that meet the needs of institutions and their constituents. Campus Consortium is proud to provide the Web and Mobile Campus Grant to educational institutions interested in implementing a web and mobile campus solution for use by their students, faculty, and staff that integrates with existing third party applications.

If your institution is looking to replace its web portal and mobile solution; or implement a web portal and mobile solution for the first time, we recommend applying for this Grant. This Grant offers your institution a chance to financially take on implementing a web portal and mobile solution with a clear ROI and no hidden costs that typically prevent most solutions from being successfully implemented and maintained.

Download the Web And Mobile Campus Grant


Web and Mobile Campus Solution Product Overview

Institutions have forever been managing and budgeting for different tools of engagement to the same application systems. Campus Consortium brings to you a unique solution wherein one platform will be used to implement and maintain a web and mobile portal. The ideology behind this platform is to remove extensive overhead is managing two different platforms and reduce cost by having to pay only once. The web and mobile portal is used as an engagement platform for students. faculty, staff and alumni, bring a one stop shop location for all integrations and services.

Advantages and Benefits of the Web and Mobile Campus Solution

The Web and Mobile Campus platform brings you platform as a service wherein institutions not only save cost but also unifies the interface and effort for student, faculty, staff and administrations:

The solution provides the following advantages and benefits:

  • Out-of-Box Integration – provides out-of-box integration to the most commonly known enterprise systems ranging from student information systems to learning management systems, email systems etc.
  • Do it Yourself – Self Service is a boon for any administrator trying to create, manage or build code to applications. The web and mobile campus solution allows institutions to manage, customize their platform by themselves without writing any software code. Institutions can get administrator access to change/modify functions like business logic, data template of their applications, without any dependency on the 3rd party vendor thereby saving the institution time and money.
  • Reduce cost – The web and mobile campus solution is built and deployed from a single platform and therefore eliminates the cost of maintaining and hosting two different environments.
  • Security and Compliance – The solution offered is WCAG 2.0, AA, ADA and Jaws compliant.

Grant Coverage

The grant reward of $384,965 covers 25 active user licenses, professional services and implementation cost for 3 SSO Applets amounting to an cumulative period of 5 years.

Qualification Criteria

  1. Applicant must be an education institution or public sector organization. 2. Applicant demonstrates a commitment to implementing the solution (e.g. letter from president highlighting the problem that the solution solves and why the grant would be helpful in meeting strategic objectives)

How to Apply

  1. Download and fill the grant application form
  2. Submit grant applications to grantapplication@campusconsortium.org by 5:00 pm ET on January 12th, 2018

Grant Process

  1. Apply for the Grant by January 12th, 2018
  2. Review of Application by Grant Review Committee by January 18th, 2018
  3. Grant Award Letter issued to Grant Recipients by January 24th, 2018
  4. Grant Award Walkthrough by January 30th, 2018
  5. Execution of Grant Award Agreement by February 5th, 2018
  6. Project Kick-Off by February 19th, 2018