LMS Help Desk Grant Application

Campus Consortium is currently offering the LMS Help Desk Grant. The purpose of this Grant is to financially assist educational institutions looking to implement a LMS Help Desk solution, an essential part of any successful institution's e-learning infrastructure. The Campus Consortium LMS Help Desk Grant offers 100% (up to $20,000) of the discovery, set up and implementation of a Help Desk solution.

The Importance of the LMS Help Desk
Does your institution offer online courses via a LMS? If yes, and that should be the majority of colleges and universities in the United States, you need to be offering your students LMS Help Desk. Online classes are offered so students can work day jobs, or care for family members, and tackle their course work at odd hours of the day. This has been an increasingly popular option, with even on-campus students opting to take a portion of their classes online, to free up time for other activities by choosing when to "attend" class. The side effect of this growing movement, is that Help Desk services need to broaden their range. If a student's program crashes in the middle of an exam at 11:30 pm, there needs to be someone who they can call to assist them.

Select the LMS Help Desk Grant you would like to apply for:

Blackboard® Help Desk Grant Application

Canvas® Help Desk Grant Application

Desire2Learn® Help Desk Grant Application

Moodle® Help Desk Grant Application

Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to grantapplication@campusconsortium.org.