IT Audit Grant

IT Audit Grant
Grant Overview

Campus Consortium is proud to offer the IT Audit Grant to accredited educational institutions worldwide. This Grant covers 100% of the cost for 8 hour long consulting sessions with a Senior IT Consultant, worth $2,500.

Benefits of an IT Audit Consulting Session

In today's world, educational institutions are expected to offer cutting edge information technology services and tools to their students, faculty, and staff. Such an infrastructure is expensive to implement and manage. Many colleges and universities don't have the resources or experience to begin such a project, or their budgets hinder them from purchasing what they think they need.

Our Senior IT Consultants have over 20 years experience in the field of higher education information technology. In the first session, you will walk our consultant through the current IT infrastructure of your institution. By the second session, our consultant will begin their assessment, and walk you through it. In the third session, a full roadmap will be created by our consultant, detailing the next steps you and your institution will need to take, as outlined in your first meeting.

Topics our Senior IT Consultants cover with their clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Instructional Technology & Academic Computing
  • Cloud/Datacenter (Network & Enterprise Applications) & Security
  • Mobile Apps
  • Help Desk
  • Focusing on delivery and customer service
  • Building and developing superior staff
  • Strategic planning
  • Managing to investment objectives
  • Evaluating complex technologies

Example Consultants

Karl Horvath, PhD. - Chief Information Officer of La Salle University
Karl is especially knowledgeable in the areas of implementing an IT help desk, and utilizing cloud services and hosting. Boasting over twenty years of experience in higher education and the information technology field, Karl has been an invaluable Member of the Campus Consortium.

Dennis Thibeault - Principal Applications Developer & Formerly Chief Information Officer of Curry College
Dennis has over twenty years experience as a decision maker in IT, and has worked hand in hand with Campus Consortium in advising schools and universities on topics including IT help desk services, implementing a student and staff portal, and successfully launching mobile apps.

Why We Offer the IT Audit Grant

Our goal at Campus Consortium is to provide guidance, products, and services to educational institutions who need them. Campus Consortium's Grant Program ensure that colleges and universities who couldn't normally afford certain products or services are given the chance to improve their IT infrastructure. This IT Audit Grant is the perfect first step for any educational institution who is looking to offer their students and staff effective and affordable information technology services.

How to Apply

Deadline - June 28th, 2017
Download Campus Consortium's IT Audit Grant application form. Fill out the required information, and mail in a hard copy or submit through email:

Subject Line: Application Submission - IT Audit Grant

ATTN: Campus Consortium Grant Committee
125 South Clark Street, 17th Floor,
Chicago, IL 60603, USA

Our Campus Consortium Grant Committee will review all applications submitted by the designated deadline. Should your institution be selected to receive the IT Audit Grant, the point of contact listed on the form will be notified. Next steps will include scheduling the consulting sessions at the convenience of our consultants.

Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to the Grant Committee at

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