Customer Relationship Management Grant

Customer Relationship
Management Grant

Campus Consortium is proud to be offering the higher education institutions the opportunity to receive the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Grant. The purpose of this Grant is to relieve the costs associated with setting up CRM by providing 10 Salesforce licenses at no cost.

What is "CRM"?
In a nutshell, CRM encompasses all aspects of a company or institutions interactions with its customers or students. Data tracked through CRM includes clients, contracts, leads and more. This is what a CRM system does:

  • Understands the customer
  • Provides improved customer service
  • Increases profitability (through streamlined customer base)
  • Decreases customer management costs (through improved methods and condensed information)

The Benefits of Using CRM
There are many benefits to setting up and utilizing a CRM system at your institution, but there are two huge benefits that you won't want to miss out on:

  1. The best benefit of a CRM system is having all of your data stored and accessed from one location. It's so easy for content to fall through the cracks when there are multiple locations for the same information or multiple managers. CRM easily removes human error
  2. Salesforce specifically is an amazing CRM system. Your institution will have the ability to customize this tool to report exactly the data that is most applicable to your needs, and reporting ability is extremely strong. Any stat, or fact that you want to track and later report on, you can

How to Apply
Deadline - June 28th, 2017
Download Campus Consortium's Customer Relationship Management Grant application form. Fill out the required information, and mail in a hard copy or submit through email:

Subject Line: Application Submission - CRM Grant

ATTN: Campus Consortium Grant Committee
125 South Clark Street, 17th Floor,
Chicago, IL 60603, USA

Our Campus Consortium Grant Committee will review all applications submitted by the designated deadline. Should your institution be selected to receive the Customer Relationship Management Grant, the point of contact listed on the form will be notified. Next steps will include scheduling the consulting sessions at the convenience of our consultants.

Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to the Grant Committee at

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