Cloud Hosting Grant

Cloud Hosting

Campus Consortium is proud to offer the opportunity for accredited higher education institutions to apply for the Cloud Hosting Grant. This grant provides up to $50,000 in cloud hosting services with either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, including assessment of current architecture, selection of services & optimization, server set up, migration assistance, and monitoring services.

Why Cloud Hosting?
By utilizing a cloud hosting provider, colleges and universities can access a variety of IT resources without needing to invest in expense hardware. These IT resources, i.e. servers, databases, application services and storage, are all accessible over the Internet. An institution can select exactly what computing resources they need and how much of it to successfully operate their IT department.

Amazon AWS vs. Microsoft Azure
Amazon and Azure are the top cloud providers in the industry, and overall they are very similar. Amazon's four core features include Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Databases and Networking. Azure's core features include Build Infrastructure, Develop Modern Applications, Gain Insights, and Manage Identity & Access. If your institution is already a Microsoft shop, selecting Azure makes sense as it was designed to interoperate with other Microsoft products. Every school is different, and selecting a cloud provider depends on a variety of factors. With Campus Consortium's Cloud Hosting Grant, a solution will be advised after a close look at your institution's IT infrastructure.

How to Apply
Deadline - Sep 28th, 2017
Download Campus Consortium's Cloud Hosting Grant application form. Fill out the required information, and mail in a hard copy or submit through email:
Subject Line: Application Submission - Cloud Hosting Grant

ATTN: Campus Consortium Grant Committee
125 South Clark Street, 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

Our Campus Consortium Grant Committee will review all applications submitted by the designated deadline. Should your institution be selected to receive the Cloud Hosting Grant, the point of contact listed on the form will be notified. Next steps will include scheduling the consulting sessions at the convenience of our consultants.

Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to

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