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Campus Consortium Awards $60,000 Grant to Phillips Theological Seminary to Implement Single Sign-On Platform

Tulsa, Oklahoma, August 17, 2017: Campus Consortium, the largest global education association of schools, colleges and universities awards Phillips Theological Seminary a $60,000 Grant to help fulfil a Single Sign-On solution for students and faculty. A respite for students not having to remember numerous logins and passwords, the grant covers 100% of the licensing costs associated with implementing a single sign-on solution.

“We are pleased to receive this grant from Campus Consortium,” said Philips Theological Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend. “As we moved to more online platforms for a variety of services across the seminary, we became aware of the importance of providing our users a way to use one login. We expect single sign-on to save time for our IT department and deliver a better experience to our students, staff and faculty.”

Phillips Theological Seminary will use the grant to acquire the QuickLaunch® software, provide single sign-on to enterprise applications including ExLibris® (ALMA, PRIMO), Samanage®, Moodle®, Zoom®, Chalk & Wire®, Turnit-IT®.

“We at Campus Consortium are pleased to award this Grant to Phillips Theological Seminary. We are sure by implementing single sign-on, the Quicklaunch platform will make student and faculty experience better much better along with tightening security parameters”, states Anjli Jain, Chairman of the Campus Consortium.

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