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Being Future Ready – Plan & Assess your IT Implementations Today!

Poor planning is often worse than no planning at all. Planning and assessing IT within an institution is an inevitable activity in order to achieve the goals and outcomes for this digital age, which is why we work closely with fellow CIOs and institution leaders to guide peer institutions in their IT implementation journey.
Read below to learn how our team of senior leaders can guide your institution on the path to being future ready…

Why to opt for IT Planning & Assessment?

  • An expert team of CIOs or senior IT executives are on board to assess and help plan your IT implementations.
  • With our experience as an association working with 2000+ members, we ask the right questions to determine if your technology is falling short of your expectations.
  • We work with you to ensure your IT roadmap is current and appropriate for your institution.
  • Experts will help you determine if regulatory needs are being met.
  • To get an idea if your IT investments are meeting student and faculty expectations. 

Our team of experts and leaders give us the ability to offer this assessment service to help you meet the needs of students and faculty in the current digital age. Institutions who wish to have a better understanding of how they are currently using and managing information technology must read through our Assessment Cycles.

Our assessment areas include: administrative (ERP/LMS) systems, web portals, cloud hosting, mobility, help desk support, IT security, disaster recovery and vulnerability assessment, technology budgeting, governance, staffing, organizational structure, and network and infrastructure.


IT Administration and Management

Our senior leader team will review and report on how your IT environment is currently managed. This assessment will cover areas such as existing IT projects, plans, staffing, budgets and any documentation relating to current IT policies and procedures. To determine if your technology is falling short of expectations we perform an objective evaluation, we'll assess your current infrastructure, help you recognize deficiencies, identify areas for improvement, and potentially uncover cost-saving opportunities. When the project is complete, you will have a better understanding of your current IT environment, a framework for making investment decisions, and an action plan for improvement.

IT Roadmapping

IT planning can sometimes become unmanageable for many institutions. But what we know is that when it's done right, technology planning can make a huge difference in achieving institutional goals. And that’s what you need practitioners and experts for.
In our collaborative IT roadmapping process, our experts work closely to evaluate your goals, gather input and feedback from key stakeholders across your institution, identify solutions, and develop initiatives that align with your priorities. When the project is complete, you will have an integrated and actionable, IT roadmap that has institution-wide support.

IT User Satisfaction Survey

We will conduct a survey to determine any IT related issues that the institution’s IT user community may have. The results of the survey will be provided to the unit along with recommendations to address any areas of concern that have been identified based on the results of the survey.

Network Infrastructure

We will conduct a systematic review of the networking infrastructure necessary to support both wired and wireless networks in the institution. This includes the condition of the current network wiring and its pathways, as well as the networking equipment, such as routers and switches.  Any scope of improvement will be identified and explained with a detailed proposal to make those improvements.

IT Security

We have a set review process to gather documents and related information to assess the institution’s IT Security infrastructure and disaster recovery mechanisms for protecting the network, applications, computing devices and data. Vulnerability assessment will be conducted on the Web servers and all Web applications, as well as database servers/hosts for potential vulnerabilities and personally identifiable information. We will ensure all systems and network devices have been properly tested for vulnerabilities to minimize security risks. If the organization has an IT support staff, they will be provided with access and training in the use of the vulnerability scanning tool. Compliance with industry and federal standards for IT security will be determined.

Web Services

We will evaluate the institution’s current websites. All aspects of the institution’s website, including where it is hosted, how it is maintained and cost of operation will be assessed.

An IT Assessment from us will help you re-define your institution’s objectives and main focuses. It will also help you align your IT initiatives with your strategic improvement and growth plan.

Instituions who leverage Campus Consortium for IT Planning & Assessment include:

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