International Student Recruiting

A global leader for international student recruitment, Campus Consortium assists students in attaining admission into colleges all over the world. Campus Consortium unites more than 37,000 institutions globally, representing several schools, colleges, universities and government organizations that contribute to its success story of being the largest global consortium with a rapidly increasing its ISR network. A leading pioneer in the industry with over 14 years of experience, Campus Consortium leaves no stone unturned when it comes to redefining and improving the student experience on any campus.

With the goal of a seamless admissions process for students, Campus Consortium’s ISR counselors hold hands with hopeful admissions candidates from the very steps of college search process. By first identifying majors and courses that students desire, Campus Consortium lists the best collegiate matches for individuals and walks them through the entire application process. Campus Consortium ISR simply removes the stress from the international admissions process.


We understand that choosing a college or moving to a new country can get a bit overwhelming and often students require guidance to discover the right college. ISR offers invaluable information about living overseas, fulfilling the complex admissions requirements of every college/university, filling out visa applications, and much more.

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