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What type of community do you want to call home? Historic ethnic neighborhoods, trendy downtown condos and lofts, prestigious lakefront homes, quiet suburban developments--we've got them all, and everything in between. Whatever your preference, Cleveland neighborhoods and the city's surrounding communities offer you a wealth of diverse, affordable housing options.

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Get a wonderful home at a reasonable price. While many areas in the U.S. have experienced soaring prices and declining values, Greater Cleveland still offers you affordable, solid, and plentiful housing options. In fact, Cleveland is one of the better deals around--the average price of a single-family home is $132,400. The average monthly mortgage payment is $918, the lowest among the 20 leading metropolitan areas.


Short commutes = more time for the rest of your life! No matter where you choose to live in Northeast Ohio's eight counties, you are within an hour's drive of downtown Cleveland. The average commute time is only 23 minutes, leaving you with more time for family, friends, recreation and leisure. Public transportation is convenient and affordable, and with the accommodating highway system you can easily get downtown, across town, to the airport, schools, shopping, and recreation.

With a sense of history, ethnic pride, and appreciation for multiculturalism, Cleveland's neighborhoods have something for everyone. The city of Cleveland offers you 36 distinct and diverse neighborhoods, plus numerous smaller "unofficial" communities from which to choose. In fact, many of Greater Cleveland's hottest communities are within the urban core.

Work downtown? Why not live within walking distance of your job! You'll gain cool views, lose your commute, and be part of the heart of the city. Downtown living is on the rise, especially in the city's historic Warehouse District and Gateway neighborhood. The number of market-rate downtown housing units (4,800+ available or planned) has doubled in the past five years. Today, more than 4,300 people make downtown their home.

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Throughout the suburbs of Cuyahoga County, you'll find housing and ambience to suit every taste. Cape Cods amongst towering trees in Bay Village. Stately Tudors adorned with flower gardens in Cleveland Heights. Elegant homes in suburbs hugging the Lake Erie shoreline. Cluster homes and condo complexes in nearly every suburb. Plus styles, settings, and price ranges to fit every budget and each individual American dream-- including tidy bungalows, comfy colonials, and sprawling ranches. You'll be close to both the action of the city center and the beauty of the countryside.

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The cities, suburbs, towns, and rural communities of the surrounding counties offer you a full range of housing options, plus unique cultural, educational and recreational amenities.

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