Enterprise Portal Grant

Enterprise Portal

The Campus Consortium is proud to provide the Enterprise Portal Grant to educational institutions interested in implementing a portal solution tool for use by their students, faculty, and staff. This Grant covers 100%, or $150,000, of the licensing costs associated with purchasing an enterprise portal platform.

Benefits of an Enterprise Portal
Institutions that supply an enterprise portal platform to their end users, are providing a "home base" for all educational activities and interactions. Students are able to log on and access course work, class chat groups, campus events, campus calendar, school email, emergency updates, student government elections, and more. Faculty are able to access and provide information to their students through posting assignments, syllabi, class calendars, etc. Staff are able to view financial information such as pay stubs, along with work schedules. This is especially helpful with students who work on campus, as their information as a student and status as an employee is consolidated in one location.

All of the these features mentioned are just a suggested starting point. An enterprise portal is fully customizable to provide the tools and services required for your institution. Even the look and feel of the portal is customizable; you can promote certain features or tools, or make prominent upcoming announcement or campus updates. While the "Student Union" building may be your physical campus hub, your enterprise portal will be your virtual one.

Additional Benefits

  • Single sign-on to ERP, LMS, Email, and Calendaring
  • Messaging and Communication through instant messenger, blast alerts, and emailing
  • Customization of the Portal to target each end user: tools, wikis, blogs, RSS Feeds, libraries, documents, and more

Is the Enterprise Portal Grant Right for Your Institution?
If you and your institution are looking to replace your current enterprise portal solution, or are looking to implement one for the first time, we recommend applying for this Grant. The Campus Consortium Grant Program was created to ease the financial burden associated with the creation of an IT infrastructure in an educational institution. An enterprise portal platform is a huge IT undertaking, but it is also an extremely beneficial tool. This Grant offers your institution a chance to financially take on implementing an enterprise portal solution without wiping out the IT budget for five years.

How to Apply
Deadline - June 28th, 2017
Download Campus Consortium's Enterprise Portal Grant application form. Fill out the required information, and mail in a hard copy or submit through email:

Subject Line: Application Submission - Enterprise Portal Grant

ATTN: Campus Consortium Grant Committee
125 South Clark Street, 17th Floor,
Chicago, IL 60603, USA

Our Campus Consortium Grant Committee will review all applications submitted by the designated deadline. Should your institution be selected to receive the Enterprise Portal Grant, the point of contact listed on the form will be notified. Next steps will include scheduling the consulting sessions at the convenience of our consultants.

Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to the Grant Committee at grantapplication@campusconsortium.org.

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