Campus Consortium Webinar Featuring $20,000 Campus Safety Grant Award Winner Becker College
Sep 26th 2:00pm ET – 3:00pm ET


About Us

About Campus Consortium

Campus Consortium is a collaborative force of leaders, educators, working professionals, students and community members working to bring about change through their varied experiences in the education and government domains. Our bold vision and investing via the grant programs in purposeful, strategic and resourceful solutions defines our ability to solve challenges in changing landscapes. Campus Consortium connects similar mind-sets and abilities; with a belief that all institutions deserve an equal chance to evolve and prosper in this competitive world.

Campus Consortium is a non-profit organization that unites approximately 1800 institutions globally. The core values of the consortium are to trust each other and operate with a progressive spirit. These values help us bring about a collective impact on institutions including those with diverse income streams. We treasure the strengths, experiences and viewpoints of our members who provide guidance, leadership and best practices. The Consortium is currently pursuing an evolved strategic direction to unite its community, provide economic assistance and improve overall development.

Mission Statement

To reduce the cost of education throughout the world.

Our Approach

Campus Consortium provides institutions with excellent opportunities to unite, improve, learn and solve problems through our grant programs and initiatives. To accomplish our mission, we:

  1. Provide Economic Assistance:
  2. Demographic and financial challenges of our time have resulted in a need for additional funding streams to support institutional goals. We provide grant programs to help institutions successfully implement state of the art technology and associated services.

  3. Unite Institutions via Community Engagement:
  4. Campus Consortium provides a platform to unite its community through face to face video collaborations, virtual introductions, case studies, thought leadership, best practice sharing, working groups and EdTalks. In addition to this, we enable a comprehensive, healthy and diverse community of institutions to listen to and learn from one another.

  5. Improve Overall Development:
  6. The Consortium is leading various forums, blogs and discussions to drive participation of our members in the overall development and growth of our products and services. Through these efforts institutions participate in the development process which results in products and services that better meet their goals and objectives.

This approach has proved successful for hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the world.